Korrin L. Bishop, author — Photo by: Brenda Bishop                                  “A word after a word after a word is power.” —Margaret Atwood

I am a northern California native, Oregon Duck, and current resident of Washington, D.C. where I work on local and federal initiatives to end homelessness.

I escape the city when I can to bask in nature, and have a particular affinity for kayaking and a deep love for the Everglades, Redwoods, and great Pacific Ocean. I am the Co-founder & President of the outdoor group, Wild Wilderness Women, which aims to build friendships, foster good feels, and empower women by being a visible encouragement and champion for other women to get outdoors and engage meaningfully with one another. In September 2015, I participated in the inaugural Wild Sage Summit, an annual gathering of influential women in the outdoor industry in the rugged Montana wilderness, and the experience made my heart sing.

In addition, I am an essayist, a letter writer, and a staff writer for Misadventures Magazine.

I am a feminist who believes a more equitable world is possible, and I have a penchant for initiating group hugs.

I was once told, “Do good—it’s all that matters,” and it has since become a life mantra.

My interests and titles vary, but I’ve found that they all end up connected through my writing. The essays on my blog are a pursuit to uncover beauties, explore forgiveness, manifest love, and nourish the soul though intimate anecdotes, occasional rants, and painted descriptions of the people and places I meet.

This blog is an opportunity to explore writing at a deeper level, and to realize just how much I love doing it. It is a chance to learn from its readers about the particular ways my writing has moved them or gotten them thinking. I see this blog as a canvas where I can use my words to craft messages of social justice, maybe help a few other 20-somethings deal with their ongoing existential crises, champion cross-generational wisdom, and make parts of the world more accessible to a greater audience.

Words are powerful and have an ability to connect and grow people, to breed kindness and deep thinking. Words are the writer’s fabric that builds bridges across cultures, countries, and times.

My blog is titled Rough Outlines because I dislike the idea of set-in-stone plans, no-wiggle-room directions. Rough outlines are grand inklings that begin with ideas, thoughts, general visions of something you’d like to do, see, experience, and then they end with an exciting journey through the many pieces that actually put together what happens. Rough outlines are directions without a map, or a map without directions. Rough outlines are my preferred way of living. And Rough Outlines tries to capture some of those varied tidbits of life that eventually culminate into something quite special, into a moment unforgettable.

Thank you for being here.