Published Work

“Writing is really a way of thinking — not just feeling, but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic, or just sweet.” —Toni Morisson

I believe in writing that moves people. Writing should make its readers feel something, whether it’s that they can truly imagine they’ve been to a distant land that the writing describes, or whether it’s calling them to be involved in working for social justice in their community. Writing is a way of sharing our worlds with each other. It is a way to communicate ideas in ways that others can relate to, and then long to share with others.

My publications have covered a range of topics, including:

  • People & Place
  • Product Reviews & Company Profiles
  • Wilderness & Women
  • Homelessness & Community Building
  • Young Professionals & Career Development

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Web_abt_logoAbt Associates, consulting firm with the mission to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide

A Hands-On Approach to Challenging Myths about Homelessness: Blog offering tangible ways to challenge myths about homelessness through education, advocacy, philanthropy, volunteerism, and engagement — December 13, 2017

What Does Homelessness in the U.S. Really Look Like?: Blog dispelling common myths related to homelessness using data from the Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress — April 10, 2017

adventurejournal.pngAdventure Journal, online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure in all its forms

Drain the Swamp? Florida Says No to That: An exploration of the critical importance of the Everglades through the conservation photography of Mac Stone — March 9, 2017

Historical Badass: Margaret “Mardy” Murie: A biographical sketch on grandmother of the conservation movement and inspiring adventurer, Margaret Murie — November 17, 2016

My Job: The Man Who Cleans D.C.’s Nastiest Water: Interview with Masaya Maeda, a Water Quality Specialist with the Anacostia Watershed Society, on the work he’s doing to help restore a polluted urban river — October 25, 2016

Eating Your Way Down the River: Tips and tricks for distance paddlers to eat well and store their food properly while out on the water — October 6, 2016

The Best Damn Camping Spoon Ever is…a Piece of Wood?: Gear review explaining how a simple bamboo camping spoon from Gossamer Gear became my favorite utensil for backpacking — July 28, 2016

The Camp Kit, company providing quality gear rentals to help people enjoy the outdoors


Accessibility in the Outdoors & The Camp Kit’s Role: Guest blog for company reflecting on how its services help make the outdoors more accessible to women just starting out — October 18, 2016

9 Mental Blocks to Getting Outside & The Camp Kit’s Solutions: Ghostwriter for company blog exploring the mental barriers people face when planning trips in the outdoors and how The Camp Kit’s services can help overcome those — June 17, 2016

District Lines, Volume III, anthology published by Politics & Prose Bookstore and CoffeehouseDL3 Cover

“It’s Complicated”: The “rom com” story of how I fell in love with my new city, the District of Columbia, and the wisdom I gained through the tumultuous process of doing so — January 2016

The Dyrt Magazine, digital magazine covering an array of topics related to camping and outdoor lifestylehoriz_94c370e6-d8d8-40b7-aaf7-eff6b07a5326_large

How to Explore “Where the Buffalo Roam” Across Custer State Park: Detailed travel guide with local expertise for how to visit Custer State Park in South Dakota  — July 23, 2019

Thrombosis Survivor Kim Burgess is Hiking the Highest Peak in Every State: In-depth feature on Kim Burgess’s experience surviving a VTE, plus why and how hikers need to be aware of thrombosis  — July 23, 2019

New “Glampground” Offers a Luxurious Way to Visit Mount Rushmore: Narrative-driven profile of an Under Canvas glamping site in South Dakota  — July 11, 2019

What It’s Like to Be a National Park Artist in Residence: Personal essay on how I became an artist-in-residence with the National Park Service and how others can too  — June 26, 2019

The Best Sleeping Bags for Every Camping Style: Round-up of different sleeping bag styles and which types of campers would love them the most  — June 19, 2019

What Outdoors Enthusiasts Need to Know About the Midwestern Floods: News article covering the status of flooding in the Midwest and how people can help  — June 18, 2019

This NPS Biologist Show How Women in Science Protect Public Lands: In-depth feature of Stephanie Rockwood, a Biological Science Technician with the National Park Service, including details on the hottest plants in the Great Plains  — June 13, 2019

The 3rd Annual LGBTQ Outdoor Summit is Coming to the Rocky Mountains: Overview of upcoming event’s background and how people can get involved with its cause  — June 6, 2019

Author Jan Redford on Being a Mother and a “Wild Woman”: In-depth interview with author Jan Redford before the paperback release of her memoir, End of the Rope: On Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood  — May 30, 2019

South Dakota’s Black Hills Inspire the Routes at These Indoor Climbing Gyms: Profile of local business, High Mountain Outfitters, including an interview with the staff on bringing indoor climbing to the Black Hills  — May 28, 2019

10 Prairie Dog Facts that Will Steal Campers’ Hearts: Compilation of interesting research about prairie dogs and information on where campers can find them — April 2, 2019

Tackle Thru-Hiking in Minnesota on These Five Big Scenic Trails: Profile of five long trails in Minnesota and what makes them unique hiking experiences — March 27, 2019

Here’s How the MSR Access 2 Tent Held Up in All Four Seasons: In-depth gear review of the MSR Access 2 Tent over the course of a full year of testing — February 18, 2019

7 of the Best Lakes for Ice Fishing in Minnesota (And Where to Camp Nearby): Interview with local angler about the benefits of ice fishing, followed by profiles of the best lakes to get started — February 15, 2019

8 Winter Camping Tips for Keeping Your Tent Warm: In-depth article providing winter tent camping tips — February 5, 2019

There’s Magic in the Air Over the Black Hills of South Dakota: Profile of a couple who quit their corporate jobs to become hot air balloon pilots in the Black Hills — January 23, 2019

The Burning Beetle Event Will Heat Up Custer, SD this Weekend: Brief news article sharing the origins of the Burning Beetle Event, how people can participate, and some quotes from the organizers — January 17, 2019

Treat Yourself to Historical Lodging and Fancy Feasting in Custer State Park: Profile of the 4 historical lodges in Custer State Park and great outdoor activities to do nearby — November 28, 2018

Go on a Vintage Vacation at these 9 Quirky Trailer Campgrounds: Profile of 9 vintage trailer campgrounds across the country and notes on why this is a fun way to camp — November 28, 2018

These 13 North Dakota State Parks are Camper Favorites: Profile of each of the 13 state parks in North Dakota — November 23, 2018

The Best Camping Near Minnesota’s National Parks and Monuments: Profile of each of the 6 National Park Service sites in Minnesota — November 2, 2018

Camp Near the World’s Largest Carving for the Crazy Horse Volksmarch: History of the Crazy Horse Volksmarch, as well as tips for campers looking to attend the event — September 26, 2018

How I Found Last Minute Camping at Devils Tower: Reflections and tips from a last minute adventure to Devils Tower National Monument — September 21, 2018

Escape Clause, zine co-published by Allison Straussoutside+front

“The Heterogeneity of Life: Looking into Los Angeles’s Eyes”: Based on a previous blog exploring a trip to southern California that presented the dichotomy of a privileged, fabulous city and the reality of homelessness and poverty on Skid Row — December 2014

Feathered Friends, company providing quality Feathered+Friendsdown gear for expeditions and adventures

Loneliness, Warmth, and Finding Home in South Dakota’s Black Hills: Reflections on finding warmth through the companionship of others during a winter backpacking trip in the Black Hills — April 16, 2018

Fireside Provisions, company providing easy meal planning options for backcountry and car camping tripsfireside-logo

Be Here Now: In Love & On the River: Reflections on love, adventure, and presence while sharing meals and more with my boyfriend on a 250-mile stretch of his 3,800-mile source-to-sea canoe trip of the Missouri River — September 14, 2016

The Good Men Project, idea-based social imgresplatform facilitating conversation on modern masculinity

A Dad’s Response When His Daughter Told Him She Was Venturing into the Wilderness — Alone: Reflections on the courage it took for my dad to accept my plans to take a solo trip into the wilderness, and how his understanding and vulnerability allowed me to become a braver person — November 19, 2015

Gossamer Gear, company specializing in lightweight backpacking geargossamer-gear-logo_x137

Big Bend 100 Trail Showcases the Best of West Texas: Detailed guide on how the Big Bend 100 was established and how you can hike it — July 27, 2019

Hiking with a Cause: 6 Yogis Learn Minimalist Backpacking and More: Story of Duncan Cheung’s efforts to “hike with a cause” by highlighting a backpacking trip that gave back — May 21, 2019

Gossamer Gear Headquarters Grand Opening Brings the Austin Hiking Community Together: Ghostwriter for blog announcing the grand opening of Gossamer Gear’s headquarters, including interviews with company leadership — March 8, 2019

Camping in Austin: 5 Places to Explore the Texas Collection’s Inspiration: Ghostwriter for SEO-driven blog highlighting outdoor recreation opportunities where Gossamer Gear is headquartered — March 2, 2019

Best Lightweight Luggage for International Travel? Same as for the Trail.: Ghostwriter for SEO-driven blog highlighting a type of use for Gossamer Gear’s products — February 25, 2019

Off Trail On Track: Duncan Cheung Shares What it Means to Hike with a Cause: Ghostwriter for interview highlighting one of Gossamer Gear’s brand ambassadors — February 1, 2019

UP North Loop: Brand Ambassadors Complete Over 2,600 Miles on New Trail: Ghostwriter for blog highlighting the newsworthy accomplishments of two of Gossamer Gear’s brand ambassadors — January 28, 2019

20th Anniversary of Gossamer Gear: A History of Taking Less and Doing More: Ghostwriter for blog sharing the history of Gossamer Gear over the past 20 years, and where the company is headed next — December 17, 2018

Vote the Outdoors: How Toxic Algae is Shaping Politics in Florida: In-depth article on the toxic algae crisis in Florida, and how voters should consider environmental issues when making their choices in the mid-term elections — November 6, 2018

Best Appalachian Trail Section Hiking, According to the Experts: Ghostwriter for blog highlighting Gossamer Gear’s Brand Ambassadors by sharing their thoughts on section hiking the Appalachian Trail — October 25, 2018

8 John Muir Quotes to Get You Ready for Your Next Autumn Adventure: Listicle blog sharing inspiring quotes from John Muir — September 26, 2018

What’s in a Name? The Stories Behind Gossamer Gear’s Pack Names: Ghostwriter for blog sharing the history of how Gossamer Gear named its different backpacks — August 30, 2018

Section Hiking vs. Thru-Hiking: What are the Pros and Cons?: Informative article to help hikers decide whether thru-hiking or section hiking is the right option for them — August 2, 2018

Houston Philmont Crews: Guy Parker’s Mission to Get Youth Outdoors: Ghostwriter for company blog interviewing Guy Parker about his work with the Houston Philmont Crew — July 18, 2018

Fathers & the Outdoors: Reflections from the Gossamer Gear Team: Ghostwriter for company blog sharing reflections from brand ambassadors and staff on what their fathers have meant to their time in the outdoors — June 6, 2018

Short Thru Hikes When the PCT is Too Long and the Weekend is Too Short: Six options for thru hiking that range from 70 to 425 miles in length — May 23, 2018

How to Weekend Warrior When You’re Not a Weekend Warrior: Tips and tricks for adventuring when doing so quickly doesn’t come naturally — May 2, 2018

Best Hiking Trails in D.C. to Get City Dwellers Outside: Details on the Top 3 hiking trails located right in the heart of Washington, D.C. — April 11, 2018

Becoming a Hiking Poles Believer with the LT5 3-Piece Carbon Poles: Review of Gossamer Gear’s LT5 3-Piece Carbon Hiking Poles on a trip through South Dakota’s Black Hills — March 21, 2018

Monumental Decisions at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer in Denver: Overview of discussions on public lands advocacy at the first Outdoor Retailer to be held in Denver — February 21, 2018

The Reasonable Decision to Give Outdoorsy Loved Ones Gift Cards: Ghostwriter for company blog making the case for why gift cards make a great last-minute gift option — December 19, 2017

Looking to Stand Up for Bears Ears National Monument? Here’s a Quick Guide on How You Can.: Quick reference guide on how backpackers can get involved in advocacy efforts to protect Bears Ears National Monument — December 7, 2017

Gossamer Gear’s Guide to Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Folk: Ghostwriter for company blog promoting small products good for holiday stocking stuffers — November 24, 2017

How To: Take Care of Your Awesome Bamboo Backpacking Spoon: A how-to guide on taking care of a bamboo spoon — November 16, 2017

Do We Need National Preserves? Yes. Here’s Why.: A look at the importance of National Preserves through the lens of Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve — October 31, 2017

The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Quick Guide to Park Designations: Quick reference guide on park service designations to assist in backpackers’ advocacy efforts for public lands — October 10, 2017

Lost Coast Outpost, local news outlet locofor Humboldt County, California

Op-Ed: Changes at the MAC Could Help End Homelessness in Humboldt: Op-ed in response to an article reporting on a local transitional housing facility’s transition to a Housing First approach — February 10, 2015


Misadventures Magazine, online and print publication by and for adventurous women

My New Office is a Forest: The Rise of Ranger Retirees: Feature article interviewing a couple who decided to retire early from their careers in the healthcare industry to spend their summers working as rangers for the National Park Service (print only: Issue 5, Summer 2018) — June 1, 2018

Gear Review: Making Friends with Feathered Friends: Company profile of an independently owned family business that makes ethically sourced down products — May 15, 2018

Jennifer Scism & the World’s Greatest Just-Add-Water Food: Interview with Good To-Go co-founder, Jennifer Scism on entrepreneurship and culinary arts in the outdoor industry — November 20, 2017

Urban Parks Series: Melanie Choukas-Bradley’s Year in Rock Creek Park: A book review of Melanie Choukas-Bradley’s A Year in Rock Creek Park through a walk in the woods with the author — September 25, 2017

Gossamer Gear: Lightweight Backpacking Made Glorious: A review of 5 favorite products from a company focused on improving lightweight backpacking — July 11, 2017

A 3,800-mile Paddle to Close the Confidence Gap: Feature article interviewing three women who paddled the length of the Missouri River system and founded a nonprofit to help girls and women build confidence (print only: Issue 3, Summer 2017) — June 1, 2017

Review: Oru Kayak’s Coast Model: A review of Oru Kayak’s foldable Coast model kayak after a 5-day paddle down the Mississippi River — April 25, 2017

Urban Parks Series: 3-Month Women’s March Check-in: Reflection on the value of urban parks in relation to the Women’s March on Washington and a call to advocate for their continued protection — April 20, 2017

Behold: The Land of Bed & Breakfast: A travel essay highlighting the local culture and sites of Natchez, Mississippi — March 6, 2017

Healing and Courage in the Face of Fear: An Interview with Leslie Laurie-Nicoll: Interview with a stage IV bladder cancer survivor on how a 500-mile canoe trip on the Missouri River helped her face her fears and heal — January 12, 2017

Review: Fireside Provisions: Review of food service for campers with a focus on the company’s social responsibility efforts, ease of use, and tastiness — December 24, 2016

Urban Parks Series: Spotlight on Redwood Park & Community Forest: Exploration of Redwood Park & Community Forest in Arcata, California and the importance of green spaces no matter the size of the city — November 11, 2016

Review: Toasted Muesli by Michele’s Granola: Review of product with a particular eye on the company’s support of women and the environment — October 8, 2016

Urban Parks Series: Community through Decaying Old Underwear: Article encouraging readers to build community through organizing local trash pickups — August 10, 2016

Women & Homelessness: Exploration of the unique challenges women face when experiencing homelessness and a look at the difference between sleeping outdoors being a privilege as a recreationist and being a deprivation for those who have no other option — July 21, 2016

Urban Parks Series: Perils & Progress with Anacostia Watershed Society’s Ariel Trahan: Interview with the Anacostia Watershed Society’s Director of Education, Ariel Trahan, discussing efforts to restore the polluted Anacostia River — June 21, 2016

Interview: Whitney Parnell & the 8-Hour Dream: Interview with Whitney Parnell, CEO and Co-founder of Service Never Sleeps, about working to end social injustice, navigating the startup world while female, and engaging young professionals to serve their communities — June 16, 2016

Urban Parks Series: Women & Space: Article exploring the importance of increasing the presence of women in urban parks and community examples of policy and advocacy working to do just that — May 26, 2016

Power to the Pee Rag: Article describing what a “pee rag” is and why it is valuable for outdoor women — May 5, 2016

Urban Parks Series: Discovery: Essay introducing a series that will explore the full value of urban parks after reflecting on personal experience with these public spaces — April 21, 2016

In Gratitude to Our Mothers and Our Mother Earth: Reflections on the importance of our mothers and our Mother Earth during a solo kayaking trip in Everglades National Park — May 9, 2015

What Makes Us Wild: Cofounding a Women’s Wilderness Group: Thoughts on the power of starting a women’s wilderness group — April 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.53.19 PM

My College Advice, blog providing advice to college students and young professionals

How Volunteering Led Me to Meaningful Academic and Professional Opportunities: Advice on how to leverage volunteer experience for more meaningful professional and academic careers — July 1, 2015

Making the Most of Your Thesis: From Classroom to the ‘Real World’: Description of using an undergraduate thesis to jumpstart a career and the process of getting there — March 16, 2015

Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve, National Park Service site in 786px-US-NationalParkService-Logo.svgsouthwestern Oregon

Know Before You Go: Wrote video script and storyboard for short video outlining tips and need-to-know facts for a visit to Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve — November 6, 2017

Oru Kayak, company selling foldable kayaks and changing how people connect with the wateroru-logo-300x125

Adventure on the Mississippi River: Guest blog for company highlighting the use of their Oru Coast Kayak through a story about finding adventure and connection on a trip down the Mississippi River — November 10, 2016

Prince of Petworth (PoPville), blog chronicling the happenings in Washington, D.C.’s popville_logoneighborhoods

In Response to “Harassment Outside Union Station”: Op-ed in response to a reader’s concerns about people experiencing homelessness outside of Union Station; written on behalf of Capitol Hill Group Ministry to provide information on how city residents can get involved to end homelessness in D.C.  — May 16, 2016

She Explores, website for inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besidesxypu4vTz

The Unexpected of the Cave: A Look at Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve: Podcast episode interviewing three women’s connections to a small National Park Service site in southwestern Oregon — November 8, 2017

A Case For Sistership: The Power of Female Partnerships: Feature promoting the value of female partnerships and encouraging women to join forces on their next passion project or business venture — April 21, 2016


Shelterforce Magazine, community development magazine by the National Housing Institute

“So, what do you do?” How to Have Conversations about Homelessness: Blog describing conversation techniques and ready-to-go replies for common misconceptions of homelessness — May 15, 2019

Short-Term Funds with Long-Term Impact: Article exploring the changes that stimulus funding through the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program made in Lane County, Oregon’s homeless services system, based on original research conducted through an honors thesis — January 30, 2015

Sierra, the national magazine of the Sierra ClubSierra-Magazine

Facing a Fear of the Unknown in an Oregon Cave: Travel narrative describing the scientific, cultural, and emotional experience of a beginner’s off-trail spelunking expedition in Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve — November 9, 2017

On the C&O Canal, History Meets the Wild: Travel narrative exploring the historical and environmental value of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park’s 185.5-mile bike trail — June 12, 2017

Travel Southern Oregon, organization promoting travel and tourism throughout TSO logosouthern Oregon

Southern Oregon Creativity on Show at Kerby’s Guild Gallery & Art Center: Ghostwriter for feature promoting the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans in Kerby, Oregon — December 1, 2017


hudseal_teal_1HUD Exchange, technical assistance resource page provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban (HUD)—lead author for the following published works with support and editing from colleagues at Abt Associates and HUD

“25 Years of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program: Families Working, Families Prospering”: Digital flip book celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program; authored three client success stories — December 5, 2017

“Rapid Re-housing for Youth Program Profiles”: Descriptions of program designs and best practices by select organizations with homelessness services for youth — May 2015

“Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP) Success Stories”: Profiles of organizational and client-level successes from select organizations administering HPRP — March 2012