Conversations with God: Let Go and Let the Pacific

I’ve long felt that God is where the sea meets the land. I was born and raised submerged in a Pacific Northwest marine layer, always aware of the omnipresence of the powerful Pacific Ocean. Without questions, without doubt, I found myself throughout my young adult years drawn to the water. I haven’t always had the … More Conversations with God: Let Go and Let the Pacific

Quarter-life Crisis

To quote myself, quoting someone else, a crisis can be defined as such, “(1) a crucial stage or turning point, and (2) an unstable or precarious situation.” Yesterday, I had officially lived for a quarter of a century, and although technically, based on Wikipedia’s current life expectancy of 81 for a female living in the … More Quarter-life Crisis

D.C., Round Two

I often find myself running late to things because I’m too busy dancing. I’ll be five minutes away from departure time and then erroneously put on some Beyonce song. After this has been done, it’s all over. One song leads to the next and I find myself in a time consuming predicament of, “But wait, … More D.C., Round Two