Ocean Meditation

A salty tear slips from my cheek and drops to find its long-lost home back in the salty sea. A wave pummels its way up the sandy shore and knocks me in the legs. I stumble and splash—and I laugh. And that laughter, this sudden sensation of joy then melts into a softened heart. “This, … More Ocean Meditation

The Chevy and Me, A Hero’s Journey: The Final Chapter

(For the first chapter of this journey, read “History and the Call to Adventure.” For the second chapter, see “Crossing the Threshold and Riding with Jesus.” For the third chapter, see “The Land of Adventure and an Introduction to Totems.” For the fourth chapter, see “Death, Rebirth, and Honoring the Ancestors.”) Days earlier, my dad … More The Chevy and Me, A Hero’s Journey: The Final Chapter

D.C., Round Two

I often find myself running late to things because I’m too busy dancing. I’ll be five minutes away from departure time and then erroneously put on some Beyonce song. After this has been done, it’s all over. One song leads to the next and I find myself in a time consuming predicament of, “But wait, … More D.C., Round Two

Tears in My Chai

I had my first ever chai tea in Eugene, Oregon. I knew from the first sip that it was the beginning of a very long and meaningful relationship. I began to learn the true power that being “coffee shop mellow” had over the next few years. I hopped from café to café in hopes of … More Tears in My Chai