My Old Friend

I began to miss her before she was ever gone. In my early twenties, I stood on a hand-built, wooden bridge one hot and humid summer night in rural Georgia, cheeks seared by salt-filled tears, drunkenly swapping sad dog stories and contemplating my owns aging—contemplating the elephant in the room toward which each of her … More My Old Friend

I Miss You

Harry is a pal from college whose effortless acceptance of art in his life is something I often quite covet for my own. Harry graduated a year before me and was off to Nashville for the beginnings of his next adventures. As our individual stories are forged far and wide, across the country and into … More I Miss You

Picking Up Scraps of Accent & the Allegory of the Badlands

Everyone I meet tries to peg my accent. Personally, I’m not sure what accent they’re talking about. I don’t really think of northern Californians as having accents. If, however, these accent accusers are correct, then where did this voice of mine come from? I think my soul is a vagabond writing songs in all the … More Picking Up Scraps of Accent & the Allegory of the Badlands

An Introduction

The Internet is flooded with blogs. Everyone has something to say these days that they feel is important enough to broadcast to the world. One can’t help but wonder, what’s the point? Why does one blog in a sea of others mean anything more than the next? Is it all just an insignificant gathering of … More An Introduction