On Booze

I have this big, long blog post in the making about my move out of the suburbs. When I get around to writing it, I do hope it will be a lovely intermingling of humor and passion, inspiration and loss, toying with both the endogenous euphoria and despairing nadirs of the 20-something experience. I hope. … More On Booze

Misanthropy and “Hey, I’ve Been There” — or, I Hate You, But I Love You

Mis·an·thro·py (mis-an-thruh-pee, miz-) noun: hatred, dislike, or distrust of humankind (“misanthropy,” n.d.). I hate people. I really do. They disappoint me constantly. They annoy me. They live recklessly and selfishly and destroy good things. Many days, I believe I would be happiest living in a little mountainous cave far, far away from them all. This makes … More Misanthropy and “Hey, I’ve Been There” — or, I Hate You, But I Love You

I Miss You

Harry is a pal from college whose effortless acceptance of art in his life is something I often quite covet for my own. Harry graduated a year before me and was off to Nashville for the beginnings of his next adventures. As our individual stories are forged far and wide, across the country and into … More I Miss You

Soul Vacation

Love them or hate them, I can’t deny Train of their bewitching way with words. Now that she’s back from that soul vacation, tracing her way through the constellation… Tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet? Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day, and head back … More Soul Vacation