I Saw God Today

“Everyone here is valuable,” she said to me, “Everyone plays an important role.” I could tell that she meant it. It wasn’t just one of those nice things you say to try to make everyone feel like a winner. I looked into the eyes of this woman one Sunday at the New York Avenue Presbyterian … More I Saw God Today

Casualties of the Information Age: @girlfriend #itsover

Several months back, a friend and I were discussing the recent break-up of a colleague of ours. My friend had expressed to this colleague’s bromance partner that she thought his delivery of the break-up—via email—was an inappropriate way of communicating such a topic. In response to this sentiment, and in full support of his bro, … More Casualties of the Information Age: @girlfriend #itsover

Quarter-life Crisis

To quote myself, quoting someone else, a crisis can be defined as such, “(1) a crucial stage or turning point, and (2) an unstable or precarious situation.” Yesterday, I had officially lived for a quarter of a century, and although technically, based on Wikipedia’s current life expectancy of 81 for a female living in the … More Quarter-life Crisis

Confessions of a Suburban War Veteran — or, looking for love in the city. PART II

(For Part I, please click here.) Ladies and gentlemen, this is the story of boy meets girl girl meets housing. In the beginning, I was optimistic. You can’t hurry love D.C. housing, no, you just have to wait. They say love D.C. housing don’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take. But the longer searching for “the one” got, the more … More Confessions of a Suburban War Veteran — or, looking for love in the city. PART II

I Miss You

Harry is a pal from college whose effortless acceptance of art in his life is something I often quite covet for my own. Harry graduated a year before me and was off to Nashville for the beginnings of his next adventures. As our individual stories are forged far and wide, across the country and into … More I Miss You

My Arranged Marriage

We can’t say that we didn’t see it coming. I majored in Planning, Public Policy, and Management. I wanted to be a part of the work that changes social structures. I was far too in love and intensely involved with a federal homelessness policy for a little over a year while in school. There was never really a doubt … More My Arranged Marriage