Casualties of the Information Age: @girlfriend #itsover

Several months back, a friend and I were discussing the recent break-up of a colleague of ours. My friend had expressed to this colleague’s bromance partner that she thought his delivery of the break-up—via email—was an inappropriate way of communicating such a topic. In response to this sentiment, and in full support of his bro, … More Casualties of the Information Age: @girlfriend #itsover

I’m in Love

My relationship with D.C. started as an arranged marriage.  Coming out of college as a Planning, Public Policy and Management major with an urge to be a part of the work that changes social structures, my union with D.C. was predestined.  We did not immediately fall in love.  But, a little over a year ago, … More I’m in Love

The Faces Behind HUD’s PIT Count Data

Wearing comfortable boots and warm layers, I walked through the chilly night along Massachusetts Avenue towards Thomas Circle. Passing 16th Street, I gazed down rows of city buildings framing the illuminated White House and Washington Monument, icons of American history. I smiled at this quintessential Washington, D.C. moment where I clearly saw where I was … More The Faces Behind HUD’s PIT Count Data